Car polishing

Профессиональная полировка кузова автомобиляCar body is the most expensive part of the car and it requires professional care as any other part.

Car polishing is a service that restores the initial gloss of a car the appearance of which has been damaged because of frequent washing and aggressive impact of the environment.

Car polishing means mechanical impact on the surface coating of the car body with abrasive polishing pastes. This process makes it possible to remove many different damages such as: scratches, spiderwebs on the paint and bird droppings or insects.

Depending on the condition of the body there are many polishing methods, as well as expected results: body restoring abrasive polishing; soft restoring body polishing; soft restoring polishing; top surface protective polishing.

The major difference between protective polishing and restoring polishing is in the polishing pastes that do not contain abrasive substances – meaning that during protective polishing the car body is not subjected to abrasive forces.

Important to know! The number of abrasive polishing treatments is limited to 2-4 times, since with each polishing treatment 10-20 microns of lacquer paint is removed. Depending on the manufacturer the thickness of the lacquer paint applied in the factory is 80-130 microns.


Cleaning of the lacquer layer is simple.

Cleaning of the lacquer layer consists of several stages, it has to be done thoughtfully and there must be sufficient time available for it.

Before starting any work on a lacquer layer, the car must be thoroughly washed. When the lacquer layer is smooth as glass when touched, you can proceed with the next steps. Otherwise you must first remove the particles sticking on the lacquer layer. For this job we recommend using cleaning paste. Spray the area to be cleaned lightly with water containing car shampoo and clean the surface with cleaning paste without applying pressure. This helps to remove insects, brake disc dust, etc., which in case left unremoved will be spread over a wide area during polishing. It would result in scratches and the so-called holograms.

Important to know: for hand wash there are liquid products available. For machine treatment grinding pastes and grinding-polishing agents are used.