Deep сar body polishing

auto poleerimineDeep polishing is the maximum of all types of polishing treatments but the thickness of the lacquer layer applied on the car body has to be taken into consideration.

In case the car is over three years old and its body has never been polished, there are probably so many scratches on its body that abrasive polishing technology has to be used.

Abrasive technology will remove most of the scratches (except very deep scratches that reach the priming paint or metal) and in addition it also covers paint unevenness on the car body. The top surface becomes smooth as a mirror and the car will look even better than when it was new.

Top quality – abrasive polishing of the car paint lacquer layer.

Important! deep polishing of the car body may be done only in case the thickness of the lacquer layer is over 85 microns.


Cleaning of the lacquer layer is simple.

Cleaning of the lacquer layer consists of several stages, it has to be done thoughtfully and there must be sufficient time available for it.

Before starting any work on a lacquer layer, the car must be thoroughly washed. When the lacquer layer is smooth as glass when touched, you can proceed with the next steps. Otherwise you must first remove the particles sticking on the lacquer layer. For this job we recommend using cleaning paste. Spray the area to be cleaned lightly with water containing car shampoo and clean the surface with cleaning paste without applying pressure. This helps to remove insects, brake disc dust, etc., which in case left unremoved will be spread over a wide area during polishing. It would result in scratches and the so-called holograms.

Important to know: for hand wash there are liquid products available. For machine treatment grinding pastes and grinding-polishing agents are used.