Removal of pet hair

Убрать шерстьRemoval of pet hair takes time.

In case you have a four-legged friend and you take often him/her on a car trip to the countryside or any other places, then you probably have encountered the problem of pet hair in the interior of the car. Pet hair is on every surface animals have contact with. Considering the fact that pet hair is oily, then especially during the period pets are shedding the entire interior will be covered with hair. Besides pet hair volatilises in the entire interior and it sticks to the clothes. And this is not all – there might be a specific smell in in the interior that will not necessarily be enjoyed by everyone.

Removal of pet hair is a rather time consuming process and it is especially difficult from the surfaces covered with bolstered carpet. Thus we recommend cleaning the car interior from pet hair regularly and not every now and then. For removing pet hair basically two things are needed – special brushes and a vacuum cleaner.

Our tip: when cleaning the interior from pet hair also clean the plastic elements and treat the interior of the car with a product that reduces unpleasant odors.

Important to know!
Important to know!

Some important points of upholstery cleaning:

  • Always start cleaning with the safest product to avoid damaging leather because of a too strong chemical. In case a milder product does not help, take a slightly stronger, but not the strongest from this product range.
  • Before you start cleaning investigate which is the best product to clean this particular leather type – is the top surface of the leather with opened or closed pores (smooth leather)? Has the dirt seized in the material or is it simply a spot on top of the surface? Or is it an oil spot or just a spot of unknown origin?
  • Regardless of the cleaning product you use, try it first on a small hidden area of the leather surface. And after you are convinced that the product does not harm the leather, first clean a small area and thereafter dry it with a hair drier set to a cool regime. But in case the product leaves stains on the surface or unexpected reaction processes take place in the material to be cleaned, an expert has to be consulted.
  • In case the top surface of the material absorbs water well, it has to be cleaned with minimum water. The entire procedure has to be carried out carefully by applying a washing agent and water evenly on the surface to avoid formation of stains and spots.