Change a steering wheel leather

naha-varvimineA leather steering wheel is one of the best thing in a car.  The current car industry use a hand to cover the steering wheels with natural leather.

Leather on the steering wheel is exposed to the biggest load, which involves the impact of sunrays, sweat and also grease emitted from hands. In addition constant friction. Due to the driven mileage the leather surface of the steering wheel becomes glossy, after this the paint is worn off and in the end the leather itself starts peeling off.

The only solution that guarantees a high-quality result is to cover the steering wheel with new leather. Painting of a steering wheel will never make the leather the same durable and the painted steering wheel does not feel so good when touched.

Covering a steering wheel with leather changes its appearance creating a more representative look and in addition it also increases the user convenience. Some cars are equipped with a plastic steering wheel, which is pleasant to touch when covered with leather but unlike plastic materials leather also prevents slipping of the hands on the steering wheel. Thereat there are no limitations regarding colour shades and if needed several colour shades can also be combined.

Attention! A leather steering wheel has to be regularly cleaned by using only special leather care products. This product must not contain substances that damage the protective layer of the paint.