Convertible top impregnation

Гидрофобное покрытие для крыши кабриолетаImpregnation of the soft convertible top helps to prolong its lifetime and to preserve its original appearance.

Impregnated material does not allow pollutants to penetrate in the material and it makes it possible to remove dirt in the course of normal washing.

Of commercially available products only some give a real protection against different types of contamination such as mud, bird droppings and UV-rays. Impregnated material is resistant to sticking and absorption of various substances, which makes it easy to wash the top fabric and in addition the top is protected against the harmful impact of the sun, since the impregnation agent also contains substances that give protection against UV-rays.

As said earlier, the top should be impregnated after thorough cleaning. It should be done at least 1-2 times per year and the frequency depends on the use conditions and intensity.

In case your car is not new any longer and the convertible top fabric is faded, you can refresh it by using a special painting procedure.

Important: the product used for impregnation shall not contain solvents, which can damage the rubber layer applied under the top fabric of newer cars!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of washing agent should I use to wash tarpaulin of the convertible top?
If you wash it regularly, then use ordinary shampoo and a soft brush. But when the top is very contaminated, it is best to use special agents.

How long do water-repellent properties last after treatment?
It depends a lot on the agent used for treating the top, on conditions and also how many times the top has been washed. In case the car is used in normal conditions, the water-repellent properties last for 6-12 months.

When is the best time for treating a convertible soft top?
There is no major difference. It is the best to pay attention to the condition of the top all the time and to start treating it when water-repellent properties start diminishing. Yet it is important that you will not leave the top folded down for a long period. Otherwise mould may start growing.

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