Discoloration on leather

Стянутая кожа

Fading of the leather is a process that cannot be returned. This is caused by the impact of the sun rays on the surface. The more sever is the impact of the sun, the faster the paint will fade.

Fading of the leather is a long-term process in the course of which the colour of the leather will turn slowly duller. Colour changes can be noticed in the interior of convertible tops. It becomes a problem especially in southern regions, where the sun is more active. Sometimes different colour shades of car seats and other leather details are an indication of dirt.

Although the leather that is used in passenger cars has an extra durable paint coating and it is treated to reduce the impact of the UV-rays, it just slows down the fading process. In some old cars there are details made of aniline, which is especially prone to fading and requires special care.

But the positive thing is that the faded leather can always be re-painted and its initial appearance can be restored. The negative side is that the leather dries and its elasticity is reduced due to which the leather can crack and break.

Important! To reduce fading of the leather exposed to the sun, use leather protection creams that contain substances protecting against UV-rays. Colourlock Leather Protector is an ideal choice for this purpose.