Ink stains on leather

Как убрать следы от ручки на сиденииIn order to save restoration costs the ballpoint pen stains must be removed as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately the old stains of a ballpoint ink pen cannot be easily removed. In case the stains remain still visible after thorough cleaning or when the painted surface gets damaged during cleaning, this area has to be painted or dyed.

Fresh ink stains of a ballpoint pen can be removed rather easily. Take a painter’s tape and stick it on the stain (first test the tape on a painted surface to ensure that the tape is not removed with the paint layer). Thereafter remove the tape carefully. If you see traces of the stain on the tape, you can repeat the procedure until the tape remains clean.

In case the stain still remains visible, you can use a special stain removing pencil (GLD pen). Press on the core of the pencil and remove the stain as well as you can.

Attention! Never use acetone or spirits to remove the ink stains, because otherwise you will bleach the colour or damage the paint layer.