Leather ageing

veega-nahakahjustusLeather aging is caused by wrong care methods or total negligence of maintenance requirements.

In case the leather has not been moistened or treated with protective agents, fractures and cracks may appear on the surface after some time and the leather can break. The paint layer will change colour and when touched with hand the surface resembles more sand paper than natural valuable material.

Luckily even centuries old leather can often be given back its original appearance.

Old and cracked paint is removed and access to internal layers is opened. Thereafter leather is cleaned and treated. Cracks and smaller scratches are carefully filled.
After repair work the surface is covered with a special prime paint and several paint layers to achieve even appearance and the painted surface is covered with protective lacquer.

Important to know! The leather is “dead” when it breaks when folded together. This kind of leather cannot be restored.