Leather Protection

Уход за кожей в автомобилеThere is one rule regarding caring for the leather interior – better more frequently and less than more and seldom!

Caring for any type leather consists of two processes– intensive cleaning and treatment with a protective cream. Besides cleaning of the top surface also cleaning of the pores is important, since dirt tends to accumulate in the pores and it does not allow leather to breathe and to preserve its elastic properties.

Caring for the leather seats seldom but intensively brings more harm than benefits. There might appear scratches, frictions and cracks in the folds of the leather seats that in turn may require restoring of the leather.

In case the leather seats are often occupied by a pet or children who like to climb on the seats with their feet, then in addition to treating the leather surfaces with the cream we recommend impregnating the leather upholstery with a special product. This will make next cleaning session easier and the leather will acquire water-repellent properties that will last 3-6 months.

Did you know that: when leather seats crunch after caring, then they were treated with a cream that contained honey wax. To remove the crunching effect we recommend consulting an expert!

Important to know!
Important to know!

The most important points of leather cleaning:

  • In principle you should start with the safest care products to avoid possible leather damages caused by strong chemical agents. In case cleaning with a mild product does not give the desired results, take only a small quantity of stronger agent but certainly not the strongest one in the range.
  • Before starting cleaning investigate which is the best product for removing the dirt when considering with the properties of the leather – is the surface of the leather with opened or closed pores (smooth). Has the dirt penetrated deep in the leather or are the spots only on the surface. May be these are just oil spots or simply any other dirt.
  • Each cleaning agent should be first tried in the place of a leather item, which is not immediately visible. And even if you are convinced that that everything is fine, you should still start with cleaning a smaller area, which should thereafter be immediately dried with a hair drier set on a cold regime. In case spots will remain on the surface or the cleaning agent reacts unexpectedly with leather you should consult with an expert.
  • In case the surface of the leather absorbs water, use only a small quantity of water to clean it. Apply the cleaning agent and water carefully evenly on the surface to avoid forming of stains and spots.