Leather refinishing

Покраска кожаного салонаAlthough leather upholstery is very durable, it is not protected against mechanical impacts even when taken proper care of.

This has a tendency to become especially obvious when leather is regularly cleaned with the wrong products, which slowly damage the protective layer of the leather and thereafter the paint layer. The result of such cleaning is reduced elasticity and smoothness.

KIf the leather upholstery of your car is worn out, you can order new upholstery from the car dealership but it is relatively expensive. Also new seat covers may be sewn but it might be impossible to find leather with the same structure and colour shade.

Painting leather is often much cheaper than trying to remove leather damages or sewing a new cover.

Important: Only leather that has not been treated with silicone to add gloss can be painted. Silicone absorbs in the leather pores and does not permit good adhesion.