Mould stains on leather

hallituse eemaldamineIn some types of leather a light layer will be formed on the top surface and an unpleasant aroma will be emitted when taken improper care of. In most cases it is mould.

In case mould has formed on some leather parts or other surfaces of the vehicle, proceed as is described above. First test the suitability of the cleaning product on a hidden area. Clean the damaged area with our strong cleaning product Leather Strong Cleaner. Clean also other surfaces, for instance frames and feet, of the item. Clean thoroughly the entire interior (ceiling, seat covers, mats, etc.) with the suitable cleaning product. Thereafter threat all surfaces with Fixativ. Fixativ neutralises odours but it is safe on leather. Fixativ is an efficient product against mould, it removes fungal germs and helps to prevent mould regrowth.

Very often the described treatment is sufficient. Yet sometimes it may happen that the smell of mould cannot be removed. In this case the top surfaces should be treated with a product Leather Smell Killer (250 ml), which removes unpleasant odours. This product is much more efficient than other commercially available odour removers and does not leave any unpleasant smell itself. If mould has already reached the bottom bolster, the only solution is to replace the item or the bolster. An odour remover does not penetrate so deeply and when the item is exposed to load, the bolster will emit mould particles.

After treatment the leather should be greased with our full synthetic leather greasing agent Elephant Leather Preserver. Unlike fats of plant and animal origin, our leather greasing agent does not form conditions suitable for the growth of new mould gems. Leather care products containing fats of plant or animal original are often cheaper but unfortunately they form favourable conditions for the growth of mould and bacteria. That is why such care products should be avoided.

During longer storage of leather items it has to be ensured that the storage environment is unfavourable for mould development. That is why leather clothes, footwear and bags should never be kept in a plastic bag. Formation of moisture should be avoided by all means and in addition sufficient ventilation has to be provided.