Pressure mark on leather

Вмятинки на кожеPressure mark and stripes appear on the surface of the leather because of wrong use and care of the leather items.

For instance if you leave a heavy item (set of tires, child’s safety chair) on the car seat for a longer period, marks similar to the shape of the item may be left on the seat.

When removing an item from the seat and noticing that there are folds and marks on the leather seat, the owner does not pay sufficient attention to these assuming that the leather will take back its initial shape. Unfortunately it is not the case, since the leather has already adopted the final form.

It is rather easy to remove folds, ruffles and marks but it requires experience and skills. The top surface of the leather is not less important either. In case the leather is too dry and there are damaged areas on it, it is not possible to restore the initial shape of it.

Important! Never place heavy items on the leather seat, since these might leave marks on the leather.