Scratches on leather

царапина на кожаном сиденьеOne of the most frequent reasons the clients turn to us is scratches on the leather surface.

Leather seats may get damaged because of jean zippers or elements of other clothes. Also pets that have been left to guard the car sometimes like to sharpen their claws on leather, also keys and bags left on the seats may leave scratches on the seats.

The good news is that all scratches can be removed. The leather that is old and in which there are through-holes and cuts is an exception but even then not everything is lost yet. As we have an access to the newest achievements in repairing leather items, we can give leather back its aesthetical look.

The more elastic the leather is, the fewer possibilities there are to damage it and the easier it will be to restore its original appearance.

Please remember! There are several possibilities to restore leather that has been taken good care of. It is easier to repair leather that is clean and well-maintained than tired and greasy.