Tire marks on leather

Следы от шин на кожеTire marks are difficult to remove, especially from light coloured leather.

In case the tires do not fit in the trunk of the car, they are sometimes carelessly placed on the rear seat. The car owner might even not notice the stains on the seats covered with dark leather but on the light leather the dark signs of tire pattern can be easily detected. Tires will stain the seats even when left in contact with the leather for a few hours. Even the seat covers do not give the required protection.

Tire marks are almost impossible to remove. The ingredients in the tire mix penetrate deep in the structure of the leather and there is no cleaning agent that would remove these from the leather. Usually even painting of the leather does not help. Grease and oil in the tires absorb so deeply in the leather that even after painting the leather the stains will become visible again after a few days.

There are two possibilities: to replace the stained leather piece or to try restoring it by removing the paint layers. For removing the paint layers the leather is cleaned with degreasing agents and thereafter the leather is re-painted. Unfortunately one cannot be sure of the final result and the price of it can be equal to the price of replacing the leather piece.

Attention! Never place tires in the passenger compartment that are not wrapped in a protective film. The composition of the tires includes rubber that can quickly damage the interior of the car.