Wheels cleaning

velgede puhastusRegarding wheel wash there is only one rule – the earlier you wash the wheels, the easier will be the next wheel cleaning.

Alloy wheels are subject to all possible contamination. During braking and friction of disc brakes dark dust is emitted and in winter there is this yellowish-brown dust caused by reagents sprayed on the roads. Also it cannot be avoided that small bitumen particles may stick on the wheels. These are caused by summer heat and in winter from winter tires.

Some of such contamination will be washed off during normal washing routine but some need special washing agents and technologies to get rid off. And in case the wheels are provided with plastic caps, cleaning of these is also included in the service.

Please remember: regular care for wheels helps to preserve their original appearance for a longer period.


Frequently Asked Questions of Alloy Wheels Cleaning:

How to remove black dots from the alloy wheels?
Acid used for washing alloy wheels removes contamination only partially. It is especially efficient for removing the yellowish layer from the wheel. To clean a wheel from sticky dirt caused by disc brakes and other metal compounds, a special cleaning agent has to be used that dissolves ferrous dust and that is not acid.

How should chrome wheels be washed?
Chrome wheels may be covered with different types of coatings – it can be galvanised chrome or painted chrome. Washing of such wheels needs special attention, because it is not always recommended to use acid-based cleaning agents for cleaning the alloy wheels – it may easily damage the chrome layer. To restore the original gloss of a wheel that is coated with galvanised chrome, a special cleaning/polishing paste and a soft cloth should be used. For cleaning an allow wheel treated with a sprayed chrome paint cleaning agents that do not contain acid suit the best.

Why do alloy wheels fade and how to avoid this?
Fading of the wheels is related to the aggressive environment present on the roads and it cannot be fully eliminated. The only solution for all types of alloy wheels is to treat the internal and external surfaces with a nano protective agent.

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